“Arteta” believes in the future, “Wilshere” turns

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Mikel Arteta expects Jack Wilshere to return to coach Arsenal and the club will welcome him to the end of his career

. He joined Danish club Aarhus after being a free agent since parting with Bournemouth in June last year.

This season, he has relied on Arsenal, spending time in training sessions to maintain fitness. While attending a licensed coaching course and Arteta is ready to position him in the future, the ufabet report

when asked if Wilshere will return to coach, Arteta replied: “100 per cent”.

“Everyone at the club will be delighted to open the door for him to find a suitable position for him at all sides. I think that will definitely be the case.”

In addition to training, Wilshere is also involved in coaching for the Under-23s. of the club during his return

Arteta also revealed that the 30-year-old is uncertain about his future career. But being trained with the “Artillery” first team helped rekindle the fire in him.

” I think this squad made him feel again how great it is to be a footballer.”

Arsenal will face Wolves tomorrow night (Thursday) in that match. Residue from the coronavirus pandemic

, Arsenal and Wolves ranked 6th and 7th respectively, regardless of which team wins, they will move up to chasing Manchester United at It is currently ranked 4th and with the end of tomorrow night, both teams still have a game left in their hands.