Eriksson: North Korea asks to lock down 2010 World Cup draw

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Former head coach Sven Goran Eriksson. Has revealed he had been asked by North Korea. To lock the results of the 2010 World Cup draw,

former England national team manager. Was appointed as Notts County director of football. By infamous businessman Russell King. Just before the 2010 World Cup draw in South Africa, and at the time he was already wealthy. Is a member of the football committee of FIFA as well.

Which referred to the story has been. Requested to travel to Pyongyang North Korea During that time,

“they (representatives of North Korea) knew I was the FIFA Football Committee,” Ericsson told ufabet Radio 5 Live

. ‘Can you help us?’ To which I replied. ‘Of course I will help as much as I can.’ At first I thought they needed a soccer ball or something like that.

“But they said They wanted me to help with the draw.”

“To which of course I replied, ‘You mean the same thing I thought right? I can’t do that no one can do it Impossible Just trying is a crime.”

“But they didn’t believe me. What’s amazing is that they don’t seem to believe that I really can’t do that. They believed I could but didn’t want to. It’s very strange.”

“I guess this is the main reason I was invited there. And why it was so important for me to go there.

Where Ericsson took over the team after the matter. They were eliminated as the bottom. Of the group after 3 defeats in a row.