How to play fish shooting game of Joker Slot that newbies need to know

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Fish shooting game is one of the games. Joker Slot  That is fun and attracts a lot of gamblers to join in the fun. Because the game is easy to play and very interesting. Techniques or formulas for playing fish shooting games There are also a lot to study and these Joker Slot techniques are not too difficult to be able to actually do not need to calculate anything complicated, just wait for the moment and have to be someone who is accurate in shoot a gun will be able to make several times as much money For a newbie, it may seem difficult, but actually playing fish shooting games is not too difficult to make a profit, just try to open your heart and study. Joker slot  only

1. The Joker Slot  Formula   save ammo

The faster the ammo runs out, the faster the fish shooting game ends. Therefore, save as much ammunition as you can. Joker Slot Focus on shooting fish that score a lot. And it doesn’t have to be a slow-dead fish. because the slower you die, the more ammunition is wasted Focus on fish that die quickly, but a lot of points are worth more, such as fish that get 4 points, but use 2-3 bullets worth more than fish that get 10 points, but have to shoot 7-8 rounds, which is not worth it, so use the bullet-saving formula to play for a long time and scores much more

2. The formula uses angles to be of particular benefit. Joker Slot 

For newbies, they may still catch the point . Fish shooting games are not at all focused on the big fish first, which is a waste of ammunition by reason. Therefore, the technique of playing fish shooting games for beginners should be the angle of the fish shooting machine. Joker Slot   Take advantage by rotating the barrel of the gun around. Then more shots at a time to allow the bullets to go in different directions to hit the fish in many ways. That angle will give you points from that fish. And there is a chance that the fish will die easier too.

3. Master shooting formula from Joker Slot 

It is a formula for gamblers who have started playing fish shooting games until they get used to it. Because this formula will play as adding ammunition to a single fish. By shooting at the wall to make the bullet bounce back to hit the fish, but it requires a fair amount of accuracy. In the meantime, firing more shots into the fish means that it will hit the fish 4 full rounds, so there’s a big chance of getting a fish score. This also requires timing because it has to wait for the fish to swim to the corner of the scene before using the formula.  สมัคร ufabet